Amazon Net Worth Crosses 2 Trillion Dollars in 2022 Updated!


This page contains Amazon’s financial status, history, assets, income, liabilities, net income, total employees, and more. According to estimates, Amazon will be worth $928 billion by 2022, making it one of the most valuable companies in the world. Due to its user-friendliness, reliability, and Amazon Prime association, it has become a significant player in the eCommerce industry despite its origins as an e-book library.

Amazon’s e-commerce and logistics assistance are financial arrow slits, even thocompetitors’ ability to parts of the company’s functionality.

There is consequently no imminent threat of a serious challenger. In addition, this does not account for Amazon’s success in several other industries. The most lucrative of them are Prime Video, which competes with Netflix and is included in the Prime subscription, and cloud computing capabilities like Amazon Web Services.

The Value of Amazon:

Alphabet, the parent company of Google Search, now includes Amazon alongside Apple and Intel. As a result of its robust profits in 2020, Amazon was one of just a handful of global corporations valued at a trillion dollars. Its yearly sales increased by hundreds of billions of dollars; at the end of 2019, it totaled $1875 billion, a 38% increase from 2019. Amazon improved amid increased online transactions and the global COVID-19 outbreak, contributing to the company’s rising income and stock price. First-quarter market share climbed by 44 percent yearly to $108.5 million, surpassing analysts expectations.

The Value of Amazon Over the Past Five Years

To put it another way, Amazon had $428.362 billion in assets as of the conclusion of the third quarter of 2022.

  • Amazon total assets for the quarter ending September 30, 2022 were¬†$428.362¬†Billion
  • Amazon total assets for 2021 were¬†$420.549¬†Billion
  • Amazon total assets for 2020 were¬†$321.195¬†Billion
  • Amazon total assets for 2019 were¬†$225.248¬†Billion

Conceptualization: eCommerce platform, e-book reader manufacturer, and Internet service provider has become the de facto standard for online shopping. is a global online retail giant selling book, music, movies, home goods, and digital products, and more directly or as a middleman between other retailers and thousands of customers. Its Web Services division is responsible for renting out Internet-based data storage and related services (often known as “cloud computing”).

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In 2012, its massive online profile accounted for one percent of all traffic going through’s U.S. data centers. The Kindle, the industry standard in e-book readers, is included in the lineup of products. became a significant revolutionary push in the economy for content production due to the smartphone publishing boom made possible by the company’s support of the e-book format.

Profit for Amazon in 2022

Last quarter, which ended on September 30, 2022, Amazon made $127.101 billion in sales.

  • Amazon revenue for the quarter ending September 30, 2022 was¬†$127.101 Billion
  • Amazon revenue for the twelve months ending September 30, 2022 was¬†$502.191 Billion
  • Amazon annual revenue for 2021 was¬†$469.822 Billion
  • Amazon annual revenue for 2020 was¬†$386.064¬†Billion
  • Amazon annual revenue for 2019 was¬†$280.522¬†Billion


It is challenging to recollect starts in a storage shed as enormous and pervasive as Amazon nowadays. During the first several weeks on the job, Jeff Bezos and his first employees stuffed novels and transported them to the employment center. Many stockholders shrugged off Amazon as another fantasy of dot-com cough that Borders and Barnes & Noble would swell or destroy before the firm established portfolio shops to become a genuine revenue and commercial equity venture.

Almost every product, major news outlet, and service provider have since moved away from Amazon. According to eMarketer, by 2024, it will account for almost half of all e-commerce sales and pave the way for a traditional brick-and-mortar retailer to emerge, along with cost-cutting measures like automated checkout for food and other simple businesses.

Amazon Net Worth

Forecasting Amazon’s Earnings for the Year 2022

During the quarter ending on September 30, 2022, Amazon saw net profits of $2.872 billion.

  • Amazon net income for the quarter ending September 30, 2022 was¬†$2.872¬†Billion
  • Amazon net income for the twelve months ending September 30, 2022 was¬†$11.323¬†Billion
  • Amazon annual net income for 2021 was¬†$33.364¬†Billion
  • Amazon annual net income for 2020 was¬†$21.331¬†Billion
  • Amazon annual net income for 2019 was¬†$11.588¬†Billion

Amazon has been recognized for its efforts and achievements, with nine awards in 2021 and six in 2020. Amazon was named the best in the following categories in 2021: best technology and design teams, best engineering department, most excellent workplaces, best workplaces for newcomers, best jobs, best workplaces in Seattle, best workplaces in California, best cultural globalization, and best perspectives on a flagship brand.

AMAZON has been recognized as having the best perks and benefits for employees, career management, CEOs for women, continuing education teams, etc., for 2020. According to 87,456 reviews and 5,467 visitors, Amazon employees have a positive impression of working there.

This article oversimplifies’s recent operational profit. Profits have increased by more than 160% since 2015, thanks to the proliferation of online shopping. Operating earnings were somewhat more volatile in the face of intense competition, although this estimate has risen during the past four years.

Focused investments in systems and equipment, enhancements to Amazon’s HTTP protocol based on delivery potential and mergers and acquisitions (M&A), the AWS division, warehouse research and development, and mobile banking initiatives all figure prominently in Amazon’s long-term strategic strategy. Bezos and his team put in a lot of work to develop the site’s features, including the ability to shop with a single click, customer testimonials, and e-mail order verification. This is how Amazon grew from a bit of operation into a global powerhouse.

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