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Kendra Andrews

Kendra Andrews, See this page for a wealth of information, including net worth, biography, husband, age, height, weight, and more. In 2022, American dancer and actress Kendra Andrews will be worth $1 million. She’s been a fixture in the dance world for decades, earning her a place among the industry’s most recognizable names. Throughout her career, she has danced in several productions and acted in several films. Her roles in Footloose and Step Up 3D propelled her to stardom. She has lent her talents to several well-known films and T.V. series.

She danced in a film called Farewell Colette that was made in the 2000s. During the early stages of her career, she appeared in several films, and subsequently, she focused on dance as her primary artistic outlet. Her dancing in the Step Up 3D movies helped her become a household name. She’s also made appearances on shows, including Jimmy Kimmel Live. Her professional life has been fruitful.

What Kendra Andrews Is Worth Financially

Kendra Andrews, a well-known actress, is worth $1 million. Popular Actress Kendra Andrews is believed to be worth approximately $1 Million, according to numerous web resources (including Wikipedia, Forbes, and Bloomberg). Kendra Andrews is an accomplished dancer and performer. Her roles in box office successes like Footloose and Steps Up 3D have boosted his career. She has been performing for quite some time and garnered a sizable fee due to her acting and dancing skills. She has guest starred in a wide range of films and television series.


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As an actress and dancer, she has accumulated a significant fortune. Working as a dancer and in films is Kendra Andrews’ primary source of income. She is a paid performer who may be seen on televised dance shows. She also has ample remuneration for her television appearances. She reportedly earns tens of thousands of dollars annually and has amassed a cool million dollars so far.

About Kendra Andrews

Kendra Andrews’ birthday is October 20, 1981, making her 41 years old. She has an American background because she was born there. She was raised by her father, Steven Andrews, and mother, Paula Andrews, both had successful careers. Her father is a T.V. journalist who won six Emmys during his career. Educators make up her mother’s immediate family tree. She began her professional life early on by pursuing careers as a dancer and an actress.

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Early in her career, she worked on some little projects before landing bigger ones. Because of her exceptional work, she has become a fast-rising star in the business. Kendra is a veteran production assistant who has worked on blockbuster films and shows. She has established herself as a leading dancer and actor in the business.

The Professional Life and Honors of Kendra Andrews

Kendra Andrews began her profession as an actor in the twenty-first century. The film Farewell, Colette! has been watched by her. She’s become well-known in the business because of her stellar work in this area, and her audience has responded positively. She began her professional career in acting and then added dancing to her resume. She has performed dance numbers in the visions films. A large number of people have become fans of hers during her career.

Social Media Profiles of Kendra Andrews

Because of her incredible dancing, she quickly rose to the top of the dance world’s celebrity rankings. She is a trained dancer who has made film appearances in Footloose and Steps Up 3D. She became famous when her performance was well appreciated.

kendra Andrews Net Worth

In addition, she has performed as a dancer in several dance-themed television series. She’s also appeared on Jimmy Kimmel Live, which has been great for her acting and dancing careers. Since she first began in the industry as a dancer and actor, she has seen tremendous success.

Question and Answers

How much money does Kendra Andrews have in the bank?

Approximately $1,000,000 is Kendra Andrews’ entire wealth.

How old is Kendra Andrews?

Kendra Andrews’ current age is 41. (October 20, 1981).

Kendra Andrews, how much does she make?

Kendra Andrews’ yearly income is speculated to be $100,000.

Exactly how tall is Kendra Andrews?

Kendra Andrews, a height of 1.73m (5′ 8″).

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