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Nikita Dragun

You can find information about Nikita Dragun, such as her wealth, age, boyfriend, height, and weight. As of 2022, Vietnamese-American YouTuber, makeup artist, and model Nikita Nguyen, alias Nikita Dragun, has amassed a net worth of $3 million. Her average yearly income is half a million dollars. Nikita Dragun is a cosmetic artist, model, and social media star in the United States. She was born in Belgium. She became famous on the video-sharing platform YouTube.

With over 3.6 million followers since his channel’s inception in 2013, Nikita Dragun has become one of YouTube’s most popular content providers. Nikita also runs a thriving business; she is the C.E.O. of the cosmetics company Dragon Beauty.

Another thing that made her famous was her role in the hit online series Escape the Night. Nikita also received praise for her performance as a fan-favorite character on the show. The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. In addition, she appeared in the viral hit music video “Heart to Break.”

When the year 2022 rolls around, Nikita Dragun will have a net worth of about Nikita Dragun’s annual salary is reportedly approximately $500,000, putting her net worth at an estimated $3 million. She is one of the most successful YouTubers in the fashion industry and a well-known makeup artist. This has allowed her to amass a sizeable fortune.

Not only is she a famous face on YouTube, but her cosmetics brand is also a source of income.

Most people who make a living on YouTube also have other jobs. That’s why Nikita, as an influencer, also sells stuff, gets sponsored, and makes money through affiliate programs.

Igor Nikitich Dragun Biography

Nikita Dragun, whose given name is Nikita Nguyen but who will be 25 in 2022, was born on January 31, 1996. She was born in Brussels, Belgium, to an established American family. Christian faith is the acceptance of Christianity as a religion. She discovered her transsexual identity after finishing college.

Nikita Dragun’s parents, Mr. Nguyen, a businessman, and Mrs. Nguyen, a housewife, are her parents’ names. She is the third of four children; her older brother is named Vincarlo, her sister is named Allegra, and her younger sister’s name is Taliah.


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Presently, Nikita Dragun is unattached to any partner. However, she previously dated Oscar Utierre, a well-known fashion designer.

She finished high school in the United States at West Springfield High School in Virginia. Soon after, she enrolled at the prestigious Fashion Institute of Design & Merchandising in Los Angeles, California, U.S.A. She earned her Bachelor of Business Administration degree from the school. She has been passionate about media marketing and the fashion industry since she was a little girl and has always known that she wants to work in the arts.

She has become a notable celebrity for her work as a makeup artist, model, and YouTuber. Niki Dragun is widely regarded as one of the foremost authorities on the You-sub. She has utilized her online platform to advocate for transgender-friendly fashion and cosmetics. She has contributed significantly to the development of the transgender community. She has received widespread acclaim, and her videos have profoundly affected the culture at large.

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A Look at the Professional Life of Nikita Dragun

Nikita Dragun became a YouTube sensation in 2013. To raise awareness about the transgender population, she started a YouTube channel where she shared original makeup tutorials and beauty advice videos. Her song skyrocketed to fame on the internet in record time. As her fame grew, she was approached by several companies interested in sponsoring her Instagram and YouTube pages.

In 2015, she came out as transgender to her online community on YouTube. As a result of her bold action, she gained massive internet fame.

Since then, she has modeled for major companies, including Jeffree Star’s makeup line. First seen in the 2018 mystery web series Escape the Night, she went on to star in music videos for artists like Heart to Break and That Bih in the same year.

She released news about her Dragun Beauty cosmetics brand in March 2019. Her transgender clientele was her primary focus for her innovative cosmetics business. Nikita opted to go it alone with the debut of her company for several reasons, including that all of her products are vegan and cruelty-free.

Nikita Dragun Net Worth

Nikita’s docuseries “Nikita Unfiltered” premiered on Snapchat in September 2019.

Even though the COVID-19 pandemic hit on July 21, 2020, Dragun still managed to throw YouTuber Larry a birthday party in the Hype House mansion as a surprise. She found herself in the middle of a scandal due to the party. Netizens mercilessly mocked the 67 who showed up to the party sans masks, including some celebrities. However, they did issue an apology for it afterward.

Nktа Drаgun hа оmе оf thе mоt аmаzng ассоmрlhmеnt, nсludng thе trеаmу wаrd n thе саtеgоrу оf еаutу, nоmnаtо Her YouTube channel currently has over 3 million subscribers and 172 million views.

Question and Answers

Just who is this mysterious Nikita Dragun?

American-Belgian transgender internet celebrity Nikita Dragun is a cosmetics artist and YouTube model.

When it comes to money, how rich is Nikita Dragun?

With an estimated yearly income of $500,000 in 2022, Nikia Dragun has a roughly $3 million net worth.

Does Anyone Know Who Nikita Dragun Is Dating Right Now?

In the past, she had been linked to Oscar Utierre, an established name in the fashion industry. She enjoys being a single woman right now.

Exactly how old is Nikita Dragun?

As of 2022, Nikita Nguyen will be 25 years old, born on January 31, 1996.

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